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ALPHA GTE The Best Fiberglass Canopy
The best ever fiberglass canopy attractively designed for your convenience use and eye catching on the road. Alpha GTE is strong, reliable and durable, it is carefully made from high quality fiberglass. It is also resistant to extreme weather conditions and will fit your chosen vehicle. It has side, front-sliding windows and the rear curved glass door together with the rear spoiler produces an aerodynamic effect, improving vehicle's stability and ride. There has also a third LED brake light, roof rails, racks and a choice of interior vinyl lining of floss.

  • Beautiful Spoiler with Integrated Third LED brake Light.
  • Elegant and Rust Free Stainless Steel Rack.

  • Big Sunroof with Multilevel Adjustment.

  • Rear Window Frame Reinforced with Fiber Glass for Superior Strength.

  • Room Lamp 10W x 2 for Brighter Interior.

  • Rear Gate Uses Double Side Locking System.

  • Lateral Drain to Prevent Water Getting Inside the Vehicle.

  • Self-Rising Lid for Easier Access.
  • Center-Mounted Gas Spring Reduces Lid Flex and Improves Lid Closing.

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